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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Wow, I can't believe that we are done with the musical. It was fun! I'm kinda happy that it's over. I can now concentrate on school. But I'm going to miss being with everyone. Well at least we are going to see each other a couple of more times that I know of for now. It was an amazing experience and I'm glad that I did the musical. The last show went extremely well and we had a fairly good sized crowd. Oh, and I feel sooo terrible about kneeing poor David in the mouth. He did such a wonderful job of acting and singing throughout the pain. I hope you'll forgive me David.


TJS said...

Dear Olivia,
I too am sad about the show being over, but I'm glad the last show went so well. Are you kidding? Our last audience was a full house, practically! :) A big audience really helps the performers. I wish I could thank everyone who came!!! I am sad that we won't see all our lovely friends as often.
Oh, and don't feel terrible about the result of your skills as a captive. :) I'm sure it was a mistake. And I'm sure he's already forgiven you, haven't you, David?

Jopics said...

Yes the show was lots of fun. And yes, it was almost a full house for 111 Evelyn. I did notice that everyone was really doing there best on the last night, not that they weren't on the other night, it just really showed on the last night. I know I have loved getting to know everyone in the show. This always happens to us Tianna, we are always doing things together then they come to an end and we don't know when we are going to see eachother again. I'm going to miss you at my party but at least I'll see you at the cast party. Oh I hope he has forgiven me. I feel sooo bad about hurting him.