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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


You HAVE to see the video below, it's the first one, crazyness, i can't believe he can do that, ugh!!!

-Jo Bugg


Ahhh, light, darkness was kinda' getting on my nerves last night just staring into a black void all night, but i finally fell asleep and i slept 'till eight thirty, well, that's not very late but it's better than not at all.
I hope that you all slept very well last night, "i have a feeling that" today "is going to be a very good" day =P, i wish the same for all the rest of you.

- Jo Bugg

Good morning

Good morning every1, hope you are all sleeping better than i am, i guess i just have too much energy, most of my friends will vouch for me on that=D, well it looks like i'm not the only one, God bless you all.
-Jo Bugg

Got A Blog

Hey every1, i got a blog, now let's see if i can keep it going, God bless all in this next week, or what's left of it. =)

- Jo Bugg