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Monday, October 19, 2009

Simply Amazing

So this is that amazing ballerina that dances on the guys head.


Anonymous said...

wow. She has amazing balance (and flexibility - ouch!)

Jopics said...

I know!!! I think all of her bones get replaced with cartilage when she dances, lol. Ya, OUCH! I would love to be as flexible as her.

TJS said...

I saw one like that before, the same company I think. It is sooooooooo amazing!!!!!
I love the part where she goes into arabesque on his shoulder.
How does she turn when she's on the top of his head!!?!?!?!?!!! Wow.
I feel sorry for all the dancers around the edges- they are faced away from the couple, so they can't watch!
:) Tianna
p.s. It's ballerina

Jopics said...

I know I notised that too T. If I were one of the other dancers I would want to be facing them so I could watch. Hey good noticing! I have no clue how she turns when on the dude's head. oh, I'll fix that spelling, thanks.