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Monday, February 8, 2010

College Surfing

So right now I'm at Corbin College writing this. :D Zane came here to do the Corbin Experience so Faith and I are tagging along. Last night we got to spend time with Derek and got a tour of OSU. Shveet!!! It had an awesome gym and library. The library had bookshelves that moved. Like hmm...let me see if I can paint you a picture. Imagine all the bookshelves pushed together and then on the end of each bookshelf there is a button that says left and right. You click it and the bookshelves move over to created a hallway in between the ones you wanted. :) I hope that all made sense. Anyways this is fun going around and looking at these two colleges but so far I'm voting to go to OSU.


Ariel J said...

Wow... sounds like an interesting library!
Why are you going to college? :) I never really talked to you about it before, so just wondering!
<3 U!

Jopics said...

Yeah it was a really cool library. :D I want to go to college for acting, video graphics, music, and accounting. <3 U 2!