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Sunday, January 31, 2010


I had a fabulous day at the tournament yesterday. Visiting with friends I haven't seen in forever, making new friends, and visiting with friends I see all the time anyways. ;) You all did such a good job and I wish I could have gone to every room and listened to all of the speeches. Congratulations to Ariel Strom for placing 1st. :) That's my best friend for ya lol. I'm so proud of you dear. Sorry I wasn't able to go around the room and say goodbye to everybody before I left. Thank you Will for baring with me and my .... horrible? interesting? beginning? strange? not-so-hot? unable to improvise? .... sax playing. I had fun and I hope to do it next year. I shall continue to practice improvisation ;). Love to all!!!!!!


AJ Strom said...

Awww, thanks! I'm glad you could come :) <3 U!

p.s... I think you mean "bearing with me" ;)

Jopics said...

<3 U 2

Yeah I do lol ;) thanks!

TJS said...

Yeah, you guys didn't say goodbye before you left. Did you leave after all the awards, or get bored during the announcements? :) I'm glad you could come. -T

Jopics said...

sorry i looked for you but i couldn't find you guys and zane and emma wanted to go. we stayed until part way through the icecream social. :D I'm glad i could come too! it was fun!