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Monday, September 7, 2009


Yay, I finally got to go to the beach after three years. I had sooo much fun, could have come a little bit more prepared, but had lots of fun.

Jo Bugg <3


TJS said...

What did you forget?
:) Just kidding.
Hey, Liv, you should post more pictures!!!!

Jopics said...

i forgot to bring another pair of pants, so the ones i brought got soked, i had to borrow my sisters, and i borrowed my friends swim shorts later in the day. What do you want me to post pictures of???

TJS said...

I don't care. Oh, yes I do. Pictures of you guys (or people I know). :)
Do you have pictures from the beach?
I just like pictures. ;)

Jopics said...

no, the only pictures i have from the beach are the sunset and a bunch of derek and faith in a flower garden at a frute place we stopped at on our way home, sorry.

TJS said...

That's OK, maybe next time.

p.s. FRUIT

:) -Tianna

Jopics said...

Ya, I know how to spell fruit I was just typing to fast =)lol